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The mindf@%&*! that is the Harper’s Index

September 25, 2013

Every now and then I like to amuse people with the stats that have been compiled by Haper’s Magazine’s “Harper’s Index”.

To use a recent descriptor related to me by an acquaintance, they are the kind of stats that make your mind melt and flow out your ear, and ooze on out the door.

So here goes:

-The US Supreme Court has only agreed to hear 1% of petitions sent to it in the last year. Of that 1% they listened to, 35% of the petitions were supported by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

-3/4 of doctors surveryed said they would prescribe marijuana to cancer patients, if they were allowed to.

-Success rate of young people who attempt suicide without a gun: 10%. With a gun: 90%.

-Percentage of cats that are now over-weight: 60%.

-Percentage increase in college spending on students since 2005: 23%. Percentage increase on college athletes: 61%.

-Women now make up 52% of all college graduates (and rising fast). Women make up 4% of Fortune 500 CEO’s.

-Percentage of state-owned land the Israeli government has given to Palestinians: 0.7%. To Israeli settlers: 51%.

-Year in which Japan will sell more Depends Diapers than baby diapers: 2020.

-Finally, 10% of Americans surveyed said they have used their smartphone while having sex.

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