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A prayer for Kenya…

September 24, 2013

Here is a quote – verbatim – from today’s Harper’s Magazine’s weekly e-update. I think it will reveal just how fucked up the political situation is in Kenya at the moment.

The bestial madness that was the mall shooting in Nairobi – the random acts of violence that killed 68 (so far) and wounded 100’s more – has no justification – no matter what has happened in the past. There is none. Not before a court, or before Allah, will these men not rot in Hell.

But read this quote, it will at least give you context, as to why it happened.

          “In Nairobi, two groups of gunmen stormed the upscale Westgate shopping mall on Saturday and killed at least 62 people, then took some shoppers hostage and began a standoff with Kenyan security forces that continued into Monday night. The assailants, who were believed to belong to the Somali terrorist organization Al Shabab, reportedly told Muslims to flee while other shoppers hid in ventilation shafts and behind mannequins. The International Criminal Court excused Kenyan vice president William Ruto from his trial at The Hague for crimes against humanity so he could help resolve the hostage crisis.

Doesn’t that last sentence just pop off the page for you? The guy, this William Ruto, who was “sent home” to deal with the crisis, is himself currently at the World Court in The Hague – charged with crimes against humanity.

Jesus, this is the guy who will solve the problem? How mad must he be!?

And what the fuck did he do, that drove these other men mad enough to seek their revenge on innocent bystanders?


And do you think that that kind of savagery exists only far from our lands?

Have you not strolled the bar district of Halifax (insert “your town” here) on a Saturday night?

Do you not read the crime sheets? Watch Dr. Phil?


To see how easily a simple man’s savagery flares up with the least provocation?


Man’s savage madness is almost unfathomable, at times. But is as old as the Bible, as old as Gilgamesh.

I think we make a mistake trying to see “all men” as part of humanity. I think it is a mistake to think of evolution only happening to us in our entirety, as a single species. That there is only one form of “human”.

I think that we are like dogs. That we are many branches of human sub-species, and have been for a very long time. The Barbarics are but one sub-species of the larger genus.

The Barbarics reproduce in every generation. They reproduce as fast as cockroaches.

Our mythologies and our collective histories have been about our sometimes failed, sometime successful attempts to control them – whether through reasoning, greed, or force. Sometimes, we just flat-out have to shoot them.

Who does the Prince, the White Knight, the movie star always defeat in the fairy tale? …they defeat some form – some version – of the Barbaric.

But The Barbarics always rise out of the sand – like a phoenix.

Look! One was just born, over there.

One just cracked an old lady over the head, for her purse.

And another just attached electric wires to the genitalia of someone else, for state torture, and his own amusement.

Another one born, just over there!

And over there! …and over there…!

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