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Halifax Public Gardens, September 5, 2013

September 14, 2013

_DSC5959Yesterday was a spectacular late summer – early fall kind of Halifax day, and I found myself walking through the Halifax Public Gardens, where the flowers, I discovered, were all in their late summer glory.

To say that the Public Gardens has some spectacularly over-the-top, “you’all-should-be-at-Pride Weekend” kind of flowers would not – in any way – be seen as an understatement.

At least it’s not an understatement to me. I grew up surrounded by your pretty standard (and wholly wonderful) wild flowers.  Daisies and Devil’s Paint Brushes and Black-Eyed Susans, and such things. The only outrageous flowers that my mom would allow in her garden were Tiger Lilies and Sunflowers. That was it.  (And, of course, Red Roses. But roses are stately; and in my mom’s eye, no one would ever think to call a rose “outrageous”.)

In my world, the tiger lilies always lined the back wall, the roses were around the entranceway, and the sun flowers always drew a line along the east side of my mother’s 1/2 acre vegetable garden. As a boy, those sunflowers were like a line of soldiers to me, every morning standing at attention, shoulder to shoulder, greeting the sun, as I waited for the school bus.

So, for me to walk through Halifax’s Public Garden in late summer is kind of like I imagine Alice must have felt, when she found herself walking in Wonderland. Only sillier.


Some of these things don’teven look real to me!

To me they are more jewelry, than flower.


I can’t decide what it is I like about them, and what it is I dislike.

Jeckle and Hyde flowers.


Just look at how lush this flower is? It’s intoxicating! This flower is sublime. Look at the attention to detail. And that a flower can be this colour! It’s outrageous!



Pretend that I am a blind man, and write me a 500 word essay, describing for me, this flower.

I would never have guessed, to have thought of flowers this way.



It was if, I were in Whoville – looking at Whoflowers.

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  1. Eric Weiner permalink
    September 15, 2013 12:47 am

    Lovely paean to the peonies.

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