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Why I love/hate Toronto…

August 29, 2013

Having been away from Toronto for the last six months I come back to family and friends with fresh eyes.

Ten reasons why I love Toronto (tomorrow: 10 reasons why I hate Toronto):

_DSC58091. Cycling to the Beaches. Toronto has one of the great city beaches anywhere in the world. Maybe not as spectacular like Bali, or Hawaii, or how I remember Bondi Beach in Sydney (which I hear is not what it used to be), but still, the east beaches in Toronto are 2 k of summer magnificence. It is, by far, my favourite summer place in Toronto.








2. The cafes. A myriad of independent coffee spots for all stripes and tastes. World class coffee in every neighbourhood.


3. Bloor Street West BMV Bookstore. The best independent downtown bookstore. And the cheapest prices in town. With four floors, I can get lost in there for hours.





4. Little India – on an early Saturday summer evening. The food, Bollywood music, saris, and children everywhere. Did I say food?

5. Riverdale Park: Look west, across the magnificent Don Valley, from high atop the ridge. A fabulous view of Oz.

6. King’s Circle/Hart House/Trinity College – University of Toronto. One of the great university campuses in Canada.

7. 180 cultures of languages, food, colour, clothes, ideas, hopes and dreams…

8. Chinatown – Kensington Market: East thrift meets West Boheme. Packed and gritty and alive and wonderful…

9. High Park – 350 acres of trees, gardens, ponds, and walking, all on the edge of the downtown.

10. The Annex, Christie Pits, Martin Goodman Trail (despite its many flaws), Varsity Theatre.

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