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Mondays – ain’t what they used to be…

July 23, 2013

I’m not sure why I bother looking at the news after feasting on a weekend of great summer weather that had us with our feet in the ocean, cycling, lounging with our cats and coffee and doing generally nothing – doing nothing is exactly why summer was invented, wasn’t it?

But alas, we returned to the sages of our times. And what did we find…?

Well, the US Supreme Court ruled that generic drug companies were exempt from lawsuits for side effects of their drugs, even when the drug companies know that their drugs will have side effects. That takes a load off the pharmaceutical companies mind – now they can focus on finally making a profit!

A Ohio gun group is going to buy Zimmerman a new gun! Thank God for that – because what’s a vigilante without a new gun?

Tampa (and Miami) are passing laws to put homeless people in jail for eating and/or sleeping in public. Good. I hate watching people sleep in alleyways and eat on sidewalks.

Michelle Bachman thinks Obama is going to allow lots of illegal immigrants into the country this year so they can vote for the Democrats in next year’s Congressional elections.

A Virginia Republican wants to ban oral sex. WTF!?

A study of fast food hamburgers finds that the average hamburger is 12% meat. (Some were as low as 2%.) Yum! I hate it when actual meat gets in the way of my eating a hamburger.

And a fracking company in Newfoundland wants to frack Gros Morne National Park – a United Nations Heritage Site – and one of the most spectatcular natural spaces in Canada – and says that fracking is the most environmentally friendly form of gas extraction there is.

And these are just the stories on the top of my head.

Ahh, Mondays, don’t you just love ’em?

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