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Phone companies to get rid of land lines…

July 16, 2013

So, I was recently told that my not having a cell phone was the act of someone who was deliberately trying to be eccentric. That I was just trying to draw attention to myself.

As if warding off brain cancer, at least in any manner possible, for as long as I can, now makes me “strange”. (And if you don’t think cell phones can cause brain cancer, maybe yu can explain why the EU is going to start labelling cell phones as devices that can cause brain cancer – labelled in a similar manner to the way we label cigarettes. And why do they recommend that no child under 5 ever use a cell phone?)

And it won’t be much longer before the phone companies are moving to eliminate land lines. For they announced this last week. Soon I will have no choice. Either I will have a cell phone or I will have no phone at all. I assume there will be a sizeable backlash to this, at least in the short-term, but corporations usually get what they want these days.

And as we are seeing in parts of Africa, cell phones will not only be phones/internet providers. There they are being used as credit cards and mobile bank accounts.

Not surprising given the move toward concentrated electronic identification and ease of access to consumer products.

Last week it was leaked that the NSA created the computer code used in Google’s new android phones. How’s that for creeping fascism? How nice it will be when the NSA can so easily eavesdrop on any call they wish.

Of course this eavesdropping will all be for our own protection – there is a war on terrorism you know! It will be for your own good.

So, how badly will I want to stay in contact with the world? Will I take on a cell phone when there will no longer be any choice? I have been told I am already a bit of a curmudgeon – that I think the world is going to Hell in a handbasket. And is ever-ready contact worth getting brain cancer? Or how about testicular cancer from carrying the phone around in my pants pocket? I have never experienced “phantom ring” – that fake vibration that occurs in the spot where you most often keep your cell phone – that fake ring that happens when you do not, in fact, have your cell phone with you.

I keep missing out on so many modern things…


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