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rainy day feeling…

June 14, 2013

_DSC4465So, I’m stuck indoors today – another rainy, cold Friday afternoon in Halifax. My cat Waldo has graciously agreed to be my photography model for the afternoon – he’ll work for wet food…tinkering with my new camera, sipping tea, listening to Miles Davis while my girlfriend taps away on her computer…it’s been hard to write lately – what with all the scandals and riots and environmental news pushing us down – better to hunker down – maybe start reading some survivalist literature – get square with God, or the Universe – a Krakow lands on the railing outside our window – its beak stuffed full of twigs and leaves – nest-making materials – and Waldo stops posing to watch her – his tail flicks – with that cruel gesture that cats have – wanting play and death and the bored indifference that comes back to soon – but the bird leaves and Waldo turns back to me and for a moment I see the sky in his left eye – click – I have captured the wild dual nature of our domesticated cat – perched on the back of a stuffed chair –




Rain or shine the Buddha sits by the window – unflinching, indifferent – breathing slowly, tranquil – I purposely over-exposed him today – looking for blemishes, doubt







One sunny day in 14 so far this month – and the buttercups exploded along the back steps – and the last of the dandelions going to seed – an entire universe at the head of each stalk – mowed down – all of it later that day by the maintenance crew who comes by every Saturday to make sure nature is kept in its place


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