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The Mighty Dandelion…

June 2, 2013

Can someone please tell me why we still consider the dandelion to be a noxious weed? This glorious little burst of pure spring sunshine!

It is far hardier than grass, survives drought better, saved Toronto’s Riverdale Park from turning to dust and blowing away in the drought of 2011.

It became a weed when the suburbs erupted after World War II and strict conformity became the rule in suburbia. It became a weed for the people who like to tell other people how long their grass will be, that they can’t hang their laundry outside, that they can’t have dandelions growing in their lawns. It is still against many local municipal bylaws to allow the dandelion (or milkweed) to grow in your grass. An entire pesticides industry grew up around destroying the dandelion and our water systems and natural ecologies have suffered immensely because of it.

Such ridiculous notions. Take another look at this wonderful little wild flower. Watch the little ants that scurry through them, or just look at how it bursts forth with its single little ray of sunshine – reminding us that spring is again here, that we have survived another winter.








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