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You can’t handle the truth (according to the New York Daily News)…

April 17, 2013

So, the New York Daily News got caught doctoring its cover page photo of the Boston bombing. They published this:

When they should have published this:

I’m not sure why stuff like this still pisses me off. It’s bad enough that we want to wrap ourselves in a bubble in North America and pretend the shit that happens in the rest of the world does not / cannot happen here.

But for the New York Daily News to then both call the bombing a “massacre” and then Photoshop all the gore out is ridiculous, insincere, and smacks of infantalization.

First smack us with tabloid hyperbole, and then treat us like children who aren’t mature enough to look at reality.

Why show the photo at all, if this is how they are going to think.

And some perspective would be nice. The bombing is a total and complete tragedy – don’t get me wrong. But on the same day a car bomb killed 60 in Iraq.

And Pentagon drone strikes have killed 175 children so far this year.

How about the New York Daily News run one of those photos on their cover.

(I would post one, but you know, why spoil your dinner?)


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