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March 25, 2013

If you don’t think your life is about to enter into some sort of sic-fi vortex – if you don’t think your tech devices are leaving a vapor trail for anyone to follow – if you don’t think top-end military-industrial companies are not trying to use new tech to actually read, and listen in on, your thoughts – then this Slate Magazine article is not for you.

It’s not a big secret that computer logarithms are starting to learn how to read our thoughts. There are many computer and political magazines and documentaries out there on the internet if you are interested in knowing. This isn’t about conspiracy theories. It is all out in the open.

But I doubt that few of us do want to know the tech reality that is soon to come. And besides, so what if we do know? What can we do about it? Parents are already loving the tracking devices one can get to keep watch over their kids. In London England, a simple GPS tracking device allows parents to watch on their computers their kids walking from home to school and back – because there are so many cameras now watching over the streets.

Google is making no bones about the fact that their new Google Glasses stores every bit of information your glasses takes in and stores it on some far-away computer cloud where access may be had by any advertiser, police force, or government official.

I used to think myself lucky, that these things would only come to fruition after I was long gone. That it would be the world of my daughter, or maybe even my grandkids.

But that’s no longer true. It’s all here, now.

It is inevitable that we will be implanted with electronic tracking devices within the decade (they are already experimenting with them in Australia – implanted banking chips). They most definitely won’t be marketed as tracking devices – that would be too Orwellian; no they will be our new health insurance chip, our banking information, our new ATM chip, and our handy credit card.

The whole big wide world will only be available with the swipe of a hand. And you won’t be able to refuse. Because you won’t be able to access banking services without one, or buy things, or fly on airplanes. And all your friends will have them. And they will tell you that the implants are wonderful. They will save us so much time. There will be no more need for money. And any hospital will instantly have your health information. It will make airport security seamless. What a wonderful life it will be – and we will eat it up.

And every shopping purchase you make, every website that you browse, every person you talk to in your day, will be accessible for monitoring. What books you purchase, what you buy, where you go, who you talk to.

You will never be able to hide again. Not in a field. Not by the lake. Not on the streets.



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  1. mottledthrush permalink
    March 26, 2013 12:38 am

    Reblogged this on MottledThrush and commented:
    Yes, horrific isn’t it? But it is not inevitable unless we succumb to it. Inevitability is the illusion we are being sold.

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