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Stephen Harper’s cat…

March 23, 2013

So, someone wrote to Stephen Harper about his cats, and last week the official portrait of Steve’s cat was released on the world.

That a Prime Minister’s cat would have an official portrait, simply belies the state of politics today, where nothing is taken for granted.

The first things that struck me about Stephen Harper’s cat, is that it, well, looks a lot like Stephen Harper. Or, conversely, I was surprised at how much Stephen Harper looks like his grey tabby.

Which, once I thought about it for a minute or two, should not have suprised me, or anyone else who thinks about it. Stephen Harper is a grey tabby. He probably always has been a grey tabby. Perhaps, as per Buddist legend, and true to the Canadian identity that elected him our Prime Minister, he is a grey tabby, reincarnated.

No doubt he is a grey tabby. He’s got the disposition of a cat that had been picked on as a kitten, (probably bllied by the likes of Rob Ford) and now loves to lord it over mice and birds and other weaker neighbourhood cats.
We all know those kinds of cats. I’ve got one of those kinds of cats myself. Miss Price has no qualms bullying other cats when she thinks she can get away with it. She’s fiercely territorial, moody, and self-absorbed. She has no problem tackling other smaller cats from behind. She will even hiss – from a distance – at the neighourhood alpha cat on occassion. (He ignores her.)
Yea, our little Stevie is a grey short-haired tabby, with sharp claws, and a sneeky disposition.
But, in the spirit of our Prime Minister being all warm-and-fuzzy and releasing an official picture of his cat, and, if our cats are in essence ourselves, some even to the point of looking like us (or vice versa), I give you some pictures of my cats.
And I encourage Canadians everywhere to join along. Release your cats! Be your inner-cat!
cats by window 2
waldo 1
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