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Why the Baby Boomers need to start dieing…

February 22, 2013

Through no fault of our own – merely the inevitable consequence of world war, the invention of the consumer society, and the suburbs, my cohorts commonly known as the Baby Boomers have become the most self-absorbed, wealth creating, debt-ridden, energy hungry, neo-conservative – did I say self-absorbed? – group of people humanity has ever known.

We are fat, lazy, fast-food junkie’s who demand everything for nothing. We pout when we can no longer afford our SUV’s, and complain when it gets too expensive to fly to the Caribbean for a week of being looked after by Black people.


Our mentality has been to replace corporate taxes with gambling revenues.

We replaced the coffee cup, with the paper cup – and cut down swaths of forest in the process.

We were educated virtually for free in the ’60’s, but now barely spend a dime on our children’s education system.

We have commodified everything. Right down to the water, and the air.

And we sell it all, wrapped in plastic.

Most of our children are as fat as we are – because we quite frankly don’t really give a fuck.

It’s far easier to go down with the ship, than to paddle to shore.

We think we invented protest. And therefore it no longer needs doing.

We think we invented post-modernism – and therefore thinking no longer needs doing.

We think the “classics” are the best books, but we never read them.

We have the least amount of sex – in history, and watch the most porn.

Over the next couple of decades you won’t be able to build the old-folks homes fast enough to house us, and then you’ll be stuck with all those useless buildings after we are gone.

But I doubt it will get any better – after we are gone.

We’ve raised our children to be fat simpletons – so how are they going to be capable of righting the ship?

But at least there will be less of us…and for the planet – that will be a good thing.

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  1. February 22, 2013 8:27 pm

    Balance what our body can easily accept, digest and absorb.

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