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Stormpocalypse – the day after

February 9, 2013

Boston snowstorm

Well, the main impact of the storm blew west of Halifax last night – staying closer to Maine shoreline – so we survived the night with just 10cm of snow and a few drifts.

I was fascinated by how excited everyone got about the idea of getting hit by a big storm. The weather seems to now create a bit of a cultural fever that was never present when I was a kid.

Yesterday, the TV weathermen were having these seizures of excitement as they rushed about breathlessly – like they were early Preachers of God!

The media in general gets so excited by what they like to call  “weather events”. It’s like they realize they are suddenly actually relevent in people’s lives and they can barely stand all the attention. It’s the same vibe they have when they get to interview a big celebrity or sports hero who has popped into town.

And society can’t help but buy into the hype. How can you not – when for 24 hours it’s all the media – TV, radio, papers – will talk about (excitedly).

We walked down to the supermarket last night to get some cheese and the place was a madhouse. I felt like I was an anthropologist who had just stumbled upon some end-of-the-world cult.

Shelves were empty. People were nervous. Everyone loading in a month’s supply of food.

And then this morning – the streets empty – only the odd soul out walking his dog. Eerie and beautiful at the same time.

Anyway, it was much ado about nothing, at least for Halifax. As for places like Boston – well that’s an entirely different story…lucky bastards…

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  1. February 10, 2013 2:41 pm

    That’s some crazy snow! Cool looking houses around there though 🙂

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