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Civil disobedience…and the environment…

January 31, 2013

Rapid-fire round today:

1. The Sierra Club (US) has formally approved the use of civil disobedience (for the first time in their 120 years) to fight against the Keystone XL pipeline – which will pump raw bitumen crude oil from the northern Alberta Tar Sands to Texas refineries. Sierra Club Canada will look at the issue as well.

2. The FBI and the RCMP (Canada’s version of FBI – more-or-less) have both acknowledged (publicly) that environmental civil disobedience and “eco-terrorism” will be their biggest domestic issues of this century.

3. If you haven’t noticed, 6 of our 10 provincial Premiers are now female. Ten years ago there were none. Will this change anything? In some ways yes. But mostly no. At least in the short-term. Conservatives are conservatives. Liberals are liberals.

4. Heat records are being broken all over eastern Canada today. Despite last weeks cold snap, it was again – for the tenth year in a row – the hottest January on record. (On a brighter note, it’s an excellent day for a jog!)

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