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The growing assault on pro-choice…

January 29, 2013

Well Republicans across America (and conservatives here in Canada) are trying hard to revive the abortion debate – with the aim of again making abortions illegal across the land.

South Dakota is looking to pass a bill that will make the murder of an abortion-worker a “justifiable homicide”. (WTF!  Think about that idea for a minute.)

New Mexico has a bill moving through their legislature that will make having an abortion because of a rape a crime, because the woman would be “tampering with evidence”.

And Mississippi has closed their last abortion clinic because their doctors all have to have hospital admittance privileges. However, no hospital in Mississippi will give them privileges because they work at an abortion clinic.

CBC Radio yesterday interviewed an American lawyer  (anti-abortionist) who believes they are close to again challenging Roe vs Wade at the Supreme Court and therefore overturning abortion privileges everywhere in America. He predicts that it will happen within the decade.

I have no doubt that he is right. Conservatism is growing across the land. Especially amongst the younger generation. The large anti-abortion rally last week in Washington was attended mostly by young people.

The Globe and Mail noted on the weekend that young people are now getting married in much larger numbers than older couples – who grew up as part of the common-law generation. They talked of a return to “traditional” values.

Professors everywhere talk about how much more conservative youth are today than even a decade ago.

The times they are a’changing – as the song goes. Progressive thinking in North America has had its day.

There are still large pockets of progressive thinking, and it won’t go away over night. But it is obvious that progressives are being backed into a corner.

And that trend is not going to stop any time soon.

Slate Magazine has an excellent update on the abortion fight happening across America at the moment.


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