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fundamentalism – the disease that won’t go away…

January 28, 2013

I almost wept today, when I heard that Islamic fundamentalists, in retreat from the Malian and French armies, had burned the great library in Timbuktu, Mali, destroying 40,000 Sufi, Christian, and Jewish documents and scrolls, some of which dated back to the 1300’s. (They may have burned more, we don’t yet know.)

Today, the Vatican applauded the Philipines, for having a law that makes it illegal to sell or purchase contraceptives.

While ultra-orthodox Jews in Hebron called for the removal of all Arabs and Christians from modern-day Israel.           

So much for the death of religion in the era of enlightenment. So much for the principles of Human Rights.

What does one say to people who burn libraries?

To fundamentalists who hate life, and worship only death?

It really makes you want to cull the herd.

But that solution only lasts the day. A big percentage of us are still born too far down the evolutionary road to be able to function properly in the modern multi-cultural world. In a world where Human Rights supersedes religion, superstition, the mob mentality.

Ignorance always has to be beaten back with a stick. Like rats, that gather around the garbage can.

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