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Beijing – air pollution – the Book of Revelation

January 22, 2013

You will see in the above “Air Quality Index” illustration the quantitative measurements used to monitor air pollution and what we consider to be dangerous levels of pollution.

 As you will see the scale here only goes to 120. But anywhere after 60 (in Canada), the media usually informs us in our daily weather reports to try to stay indoors as much as possible. Toronto Public Health estimates that Toronto’s bad air causes 1,500 early deaths a year, and 5000 breathing-related hospitalizations.

Now consider this. Last week in Beijing, where air pollution measurements can only be recorded as high as 500 on the air quality index, it was estimated that the index was actually at 700.


Check out the photograph below, taken last week in Beijing. It is apocalyptic! How does one imagine living with this kind of pollution.

This is why China’s great experiment in capitalism will ultimately fail. China cannot sustain itself at such devastating levels of pollution.

Over the next decade cancer rates there are going to sky-rocket. Asthma will become debilitating for so many people. The water will become undrinkable.

China will literally be a place from the Book of Revelation – where the day turns into night.

20,000,000 new cars hit the pavement last year in China – up 35% from the previous year. (In case you are counting that’s almost 35,000,000 new cars in just the last 2 years.)

Of course this is just China. Once you add in India’s explosive growth in car ownership, you quickly realize that humanity is (has) awakening a beast.

Last week in Beijing

 Look at how much damage the rich nations of the world have done to the planet – with only 1/5 of the world’s population! Imagine what it will look like when another 3/5’s of the world decides to participate in our game of oil-burning unsustainability.

I have been in Toronto when the air is like soup – but that was only a fraction (1/10th) of what a 700 air index rating would be. Soon, we will simply discover dead Chinese people in alley-ways and in parks and other such places in Beijing – having suffocated from the noon-day breeze…

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