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Rape, culture, and education: so much still to do…

January 16, 2013

One thing I have only really started to more fully understand as I become “middle-aged”, is how deeply, deeply conservative societies are. Changing cultural values that based are religion, morality, power, or traditional gender roles is akin to moving a supertanker with your canoe.

When I was in university, I thought it was just because the generation before mine, were never asked to discuss feminism, equality, sexuality. Now that these were in the open, I naively thought that most people had common sense and we would move into an era of understanding, an era of live and let live.

Now, that I am older, I’m not surprised that there are so many men who still believe that most rapes are women’s fault. Hell I have heard young women say the same thing.

Common sense itself, is seen as a superstition. 

Yea, I’m preaching to the masses, but I still can’t believe that we think these things.

Maybe its easier to blame the victim. Maybe most men are still closetted warriors – rapers and marauders from our earlier DNA days.

Its obvious to me that we didn’t all join the evolutionary train at the same time when it roled into town. Some of us can unravel the universe. Harness the power of the sun. Some of us see the deep cultural beauty of multiculturalism.

Others, still lick their own balls, and need to be fed at the end of a chain.

We forget that there is still so much education to do. Many of us – on the left – don’t want to get our hands dirty in the process. We’d rather go for a nice night at a play and a glass of wine. Fair enough.

But we still have to get our hands dirty. History has shown repeatedly that conservatism eats itself and its children and its grandparents. (See previous blog on the Amish.)

We shoot our own children and demand, not the end of guns, but that our children and teachers should also be armed and be taught how to be a marksman and defend themselves.

Other under-develops now say the shooting was a government conspiracy – Obama was in on the whole thing. Others say that it was a punishment from God. (Its always a punishment from God!) 

So, in India – if all the girls/women were virgins and covered themselves up – there would be no sexually transmitted diseases…no AIDS, and every man would be happy, and there would be no rapes…

for a much better review of the issues check out this recent blog from

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