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First Dave Brubeck – now Ravi Shankar

December 12, 2012

It’s been a tough week for losing some of the world’s great musicians. Last week we lost Dave Brubeck, and now I awake to see that we have lost Ravi Shankar, the brilliant sitar player from India. Both, by the way, were 92 years old.

Brubeck, for me, was the height of cool jazz. Shankar’s music, on the other hand, was like trying to follow the threads of a magic carpet. Like a spider’s web, Shankar drew you in, mesmerized and teased. Hindu philosophy made more sense to me after first hearing Shankar.

If classical music caught the essential aspect of the European intellect, Shankar did the same for India. He played with all the great musicians of the world, from the Beatles to Paco de Lucio. He played at Woodstock. He brought Indian music to the world.

Shankar came to Toronto fairly regularly and I think I saw him 2-3 times over the last 15 years. The last time he was with his daughter Anoushka (who is also a sitar virtuoso). To hear him play live, was to enter some kind of dream-space – where music and spirit and dreams all wove together and wrapped themselves around my mind.

He will be missed.

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