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let’s not forget…

December 8, 2012

Do you still remember the exact day you stopped believing in the world…the day you realized that there are those who will always want to walk on our ideals, and that they are extremely attracted to power? That there will always be those who will walk on our Arab Springs – with tanks, and bombs, and their torture chambers. That there are men who abuse Mother Nature – as if all of life were nothing more than rape and pillage.

Is there any position/title/person/political ideal that you still believe in? The Dali Lama? Israel? Washington? Libertarianism.

Do you believe in any of your own childhood sentiments any more? Idealism. Community. Freedom. Hope. Play. What do they even mean now?

I surf 10,000 websites at my leisure and think myself free? (As I sit here in my 8×10 room, in the middle of the night, all by myself. (Yet, I feel sad for the 100,000 men in American prisons who live their life in solitary confinement.)

My 8×10 room. My 8×10 life. My 8×10 thoughts. (If I hadn’t bought my treadmill last winter, I would have gone nuts working at my computer all day.) 

The United Nations has declared that solitary confinement is a form of torture, and needs to be banished from the world.

How do I banish myself? And to where would I banish it?

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