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Down the rabbit hole…quantum physics, reality, and cracked brains

November 27, 2012

Well, I just waded through the extended 6-hour version (not all in one sitting) of “What the Bleep: Down the Rabbit Hole”, the documentary that looks at the latest findings in Quantum Physics and Neurology, and many of its potential implications for how we see ourselves and the world.

There is a certain “cheese” factor one has to get over when watching WTBDRH – the silliness of having a “dramatic” story play-alongside the interviews, with Marlie Matlin playing a woman perpetually pissed-off at the world – as if she is replicating all that the scientists and theologians are saying in the documentary. But, put that aside and watch the interviews. You will be gobsmacked.

Luckily, most of this can be omitted in the extended version if one wishes.

Aside from this main flaw, the documentary truly cracks the head. Quantum Physics, as it moves more fully from the sphere of science and into mainstream soceity over the next decades will fundamentally change how we see the world, the universe, and our relations with each other and our ideas of God, spirituality, and organized religion.

So far the findings in Quantum Physics have been truly baffling.

At the basic (smallest) level of existence, at the Plank Scale, reality is some form of a hologram – where matter comes into and out-of existence (where does it go?); – where we know that everything in the universe is connected (entangled) in some form of energy wave; – where time and space is an illusion; – and where life exists as a form of endless potentiality.

Quantum Physisists now know that we live in (for simplification) two basic realities: there is the Newtonian world of time and space and solid matter and walls and cars and planets and so on and so forth. We all know and live and interact with that real world everyday.

But there is another reality – at the sub-atomic level – that very tiny reality, from which our Newtonian world emerges.

Suffice it to say that “what makes matter” isn’t necessarily matter, it doesn’t act like matter, and it doesn’t move like matter. But (and this is a very important BUT), if you try and look at this world in the labratory, it will change what it is doing and it will act like matter. (See video clip below.)

Reality, at the sub-atomic level, is a pure infinite energy field, and our material world is little more than fizz, that exists at the very edges of the “champaign bubbles”. 

It is an energy field of unimaginable size. Think about this: there is enough potential energy atthe core of one hydrogen atom to destroy the universe (out to 20 million light years) if it were to be fully released.

And we are discovering that at this level of existence, our consciousness – our thoughts – somehow play a part in directly creating these bubbles of existence.

Add this quantum understanding to the latest findings in neuro-plasticity (the idea that our brains also have infinite potential to imagine and create any world we want – contrary to all evidence I see in the daily newspaper), and the science of our senses, and you see that we have locked ourselves into a really small way of understanding ourselves and our place in the universe.

In a sense, this is nothing new. Quantum physics in simply discovering in science what the mystics have always known to be true. That there is so much more to reality than the simple mechanistic thinking that we have been addicted to. Buddha said there is no world outside the world you create for yourself. Jesus said that the entire universe lives inside of you.

There is too much in the documentary to discuss here in a simple blog.

The original 2 hour theatrical release of “What the Bleep” is in itself pretty mind-blowing.

But I highly recommend watching the extended version, and listen in on all the interviews.

I guarantee that it will crack your brain.

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  1. November 27, 2012 11:59 am

    Even though I didn’t care for the documentary–maybe it was, as you note, the “cheese factor”–it does seem to me that quantum physics offers both a refreshingly new language and a new lens for the discussion of reality. I enjoyed your summary and critique.


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