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The weather cometh…

November 15, 2012

It seems that weather anomalies are happening now with such consistency that we no longer are able to appreciate the enormity of what is happening around us.

Today, with nothing more than a cursory glance at the news headlines I see that Venice is drowning in record floods, Japan had tornadoes earlier this week (which they never get), New York and New Jersey will need months/years to clean up from Frankenstorm Sandy, equatorial Africa continues in its worst drought ever, the lower Mississippi has had to halt most heavy shipping because of lack of water, oil sands derived carcinogens have been found in this year’s early Alberta snowfall – 50Km from the oil sands, and scientists can now confirm that this was the worst year (so far) for Arctic ice melt.

rare tornado hits Japan

On related notes Shell Oil has applied for a massive 6,000 acre expansion of its Alberta Tar Sands operation. And it is now predicted that “fracking” will make America energy self-sufficient by 2025. (The article did not mention that massive amounts of chemicals needed to separate the oil and gas from the underground shale.)

Stephen Harper it seems, from his recent trip to Asia, simply wants us to become a giant mining operation that will feed the beast that is Asia’s new emerging consumer culture.

It baffles me that we can’t seem to stop ourselves and our collective head-long crash into the wall of environmental Armageddon.

Germany just set a new record for solar power energy creation, yet over here we still think of alternative energy as some pie-in-the-sky dream. Germany fully plans to be off the oil grid by 2030.

We are so stuck in our ignorance that we are still debating whether we should be including “intelligent design” in the science classroom.

It’s all so exasperating to watch.



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