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God and Super-PAC’s…

November 2, 2012

Is America a democracy – in anything but name only – when both political parties agree ahead of time to the idea that neither of their candidates will discuss “climate change” or “global warming” during the presidential campaign?

Not once has either Obama or Romney discussed global warming or climate change. Not once!

And big media agreed to play along in the debates by not raising the issue. Nor have they raised it with the candidates in any other venue.

In that fake town-hall debate (#2), where Obama and Romney pretended to get “cozy” and “honest” with Joe and Betty Voter, and answer their personal (heartfelt) questions (in their shirtsleeves, sitting on stools), both the Democrats and the Republicans agreed that neither candidate would take any audience question asked about the environment. (And as all audience questions were vetted first, and each party agreed to the ones they would in fact answer) they did not have to present any thoughts about our impending environmental crisis.)

How does an entire presidential campaign come and go, in 2012 (which is the hottest year ever recorded, in the hottest decade ever recorded, and in the hottest 1/2 century ever recorded), without so much as a single discussion about climate change?

When both parties agree, where is the choice? (Sidenote: US Green Party leader and presidential candidate Jill Stein was arrested for trying to enter the debates. She and vice-presidential running mate — where taken to a military warehouse, and hancuffed to chairs, and left there for eight hours. Think about that idea, for a few minutes. See for more details.)

So, you see another reason why many of my American friends (along with the growing majority of Americans in general) are not voting this time around. Not because they don’t believe in democracy. They believe too much in democracy, and know that they no longer have it (admittedly weak as it already was in America).

Perhaps Sandy was a divine intervention – so to speak. Someone stepped forward (a lobbyist) to make a point – to demand that a debate issue be raised – on behalf of the environment. And H/She didn’t need to ask for “permission” to discuss it. H/She simply presented their evidence for everyone to see…

Kind of like a real-time Super-PAC commercial for a third-party candidate…

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