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Lane Armstrong – and I so don’t care…

October 23, 2012

For what feels like the tenth straight day the media has been fixated on Lance Armstrong and the fact that he doped up as a cyclist.

Why does the media care so much about a very small news story? It’s cycling for fuck’s sake! Men who go round and round and round like gerbils on a wheel.

And why is the media acting surprised? Astounded? Outraged? Cycling has been full of dopers for years.

Of the first-second-third place finishers in the seven years that Armstrong won the Tour de France, 20 of the 21 riders have tested positive for drugs.

It’s Ben Johnson deja vu all over again. All eight runners in the 100 metre finals at the Seoul Olympics have since tested positive for banned substances. 

Lance Armstrong is yet another example of the herd mentality in mainstream journalism. Whether it’s the economic  crash of 2008, the tech bubble back in 2000, Ben Johnson, Lance Armstrong…the list is endless…the media loves to flock to a winner regardless of reality, hoist said wonderboy onto their collective shoulders, and then disavow the hero when they fall from grace.

It’s absurd! And CBC – for all it’s high self-regard as the serious and reflective media of choice for those who are serious about their news – is as bad as the rest of them. All day long, for a week now, it’s been Lance Armstrong this, Lance Armstrong that. How did we not know? What does this say about sport? About our heroes?

They really make you want to throw the radio out the window.

The state of mainstream journalism may have never been much of anything to begin with (Bertrand Russell quipped once that the dailies weren’t fit to line a cat box – and that was in 1917) – but we really seem to have hit a new low.

We are told we live in a 24 hour news cycle – that nothing escapes the eye of the ever-present camera; but we are addicted to junk news, patriotic jingoism, canned questions, and canned responses, and the herd mentality.

The War in Iraq was good – until the War in Iraq was bad. Now no one wants to talk about the war, so no one talks about it. The presidential candidates vet all questions before the debates and the media happily plays along.

So Lance Armstrong doped up so he could ride faster further farther than all the rest of the doped-up field. It’s men on bikes. Who cares?!

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  1. Marcia Weiner permalink
    October 23, 2012 6:32 pm


    I can only agree!


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