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creeping fascism – another sighting

October 9, 2012

I’m in the midst of reading Chris Hedges “Death of the Liberal Class” and all his proofs about how we are entering an early 1920’s Weimar era-type growth of fascist political thinking and support.

Hedges, and a great many others, point out that the great liberal experiment has come to an end – and we are again moving into an era of the dark and the gruesome. We are moving towards an era where our support of human rights for all is being replaced by the primal needs to the tribe.

Hedges also notes that openly fascist politicians don’t just suddenly appear on the scene, but only manifest themselves when society’s collective rage dredges them up from the depths of hell.

And like fruit-flies in fall, they grow and multiply whenever the economy, of a location or a country, goes into the tank.

May I present as evidence: Greece; France; Italy; Spain; America.

That’s why fascist political parties are becoming increasingly popular right now in Greece, and the north of France (to mention only two places in Europe where fascism is currently on the rise). Obama has signed bills allowing for the full-on spying of American citizens, and bills which allow the government to arrest anyone anywhere at any time. And they can be arrested without cause, or charges.  

Nor are we immune here in little ole’ peace-loving Canada.  

We have our own “creeping fascism” happening and this weekend we got yet another fine example of it.

The federal Conservative Government, who are responsible for prisons, declared that from now on it will only be Christian chaplains who will be paid for counseling prisoners. Rabbis, Imans, Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindu’s, and Pagans need no longer apply.

from now on there will only be Christian prison chaplains.

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, who is responsible for prisons, said today that Christian chaplains can, in fact, very easily minister to all faiths in the prison system, regardless of religion.

And further, in his view, he didn’t think using ministers from other religions “was an appropriate use of taxpayers dollars”.

(Sidebar: I love that matters of religion, at least in this case, is the responsibility of the Minister of “Public Safety”.  …a great Orwellian metaphor if ever there was one…)

At least the Harper Conservatives don’t try to bullshit me with rhetoric. They tell it like it is. What you see is what you get.

In effect they are saying what I have heard many times by more Canadians than we want to think exist in this country. “Why the hell should I (Christian) be paying for jews and towel-head chaplains? In fact, why am I paying for immigrant prisoners at all? They should just be deported. Christians need to take back their country!”


Harper knows this is the feeling amongst his supporters, and he believes he has enough support from the mainstream public for cutting the services of non-Christian chaplains. He is again betting that this won’t create much of a political stir for him.

Last week the Conservatives tried to re-open the abortion debate. They have previously tried to imply that most immigrants are here illegally. They have put people in prison who have never been charged with a crime.

Fascism doesn’t just appear one morning in some political coup. 

It grows like a vine up a tree.

Like a creeping weed that finally chokes out your garden…

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  1. October 9, 2012 2:44 pm

    Reblogged this on kiranovotio.

  2. Eric Weiner permalink
    October 9, 2012 3:27 pm

    Christian-only chaplains makes a certain sense- after all most of the criminals are fellow christians. No if only all those law-and-order christians would begin turning in their fellow christians-especially those in office we would really make some progress. I must take issue with your analysis of fascism. I think public rage just allows an opportunity for it to go public rather than hide behind the scenes. The calls for “smaller, less intrusive government, less regulation” has been around for a long time as has the control of the major machinery of
    our “democracy”. The confidence has been growing within the controlling interests so that now they can begin to enlist the public in their cause in a public way. But until the public realizes where their interest truly lies and until they have structures they can plug into that are as persistent and powerful as those that exist for big business all their democracy adds up to is a single vote for the dubious candidates that have been selected for them who have been already compromised in fundemental ways.If it takes big money to run a campaign democracy will be run by big money. For our democracy to have real credence debates should be limited to and paid for by the state. Then all we have to fix – if we can – who gets to be candidates, and how do we insure that the actual vote is not tampered with. Even after that one must deal with the entrenched civil service and military because the things that control and motivates them probably preempts whoever is temporarily voted into “leadership” There is much to be done before our “democracy” has more meaning than just a single persons increasingly meaningless vote.

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