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It was a Boardwalk kind of day…

June 10, 2012

When we got March weather in January we all smiled and said “what a relief, it will make for a shorter winter”.

And when we got April weather in February we all thanked our lucky stars that this year our heating bills would be lower and the city would save millions on snow removal.

The flowers of spring bloomed six weeks early (as did the golf courses); we were mildly surprised but secretly delighted because we knew that this year, we had made it through the long winter months without any winter. I could remark at a dinner party that I never used my snow shovel – not even once – this winter. 

But then August weather began to arrive in mid-May – and when the temperature should have been 20C, it was 35C, some of us began to worry.

Those who listened started hearing the farmers, and their worries about the almost total lack of snow, and the very little we have received in the way of spring rains. The soil, they say, is turning to dust.

Last week CBC radio talked – briefly – about the “possibility” that we could be in the midst of an increasingly serious drought. Precipitation, in this part of the world, is down 70-80% over the last year. It is down 60% over the last three years.

Forest fires, usually not seen until June or July already have many northern Ontario towns on alert.

Still, few of us urbane types seemed much concerned that the summer weather arrived in the middle of spring. “The patios are open, and the girls are half-naked. What’s wrong with that?”

But what will come in the way of weather for the summer months, if summer has already arrived in spring?

I suspect some fire-breathing beast from Hell is going to show up for summer this year. But I fear that if I get too hysterical about it I’ll sound like a biblical prophet; and I will be simply accused of just wanting to rain on everyone’s patio parade and bikini-clad boardwalk weekend strolls…

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  1. Sierra permalink
    June 11, 2012 4:31 pm

    finally, a new post! i was beginning to worry you guys down at Sisyphus HQ were trapped under something heavy….

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