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Madhouse jeans; and “women’s work”…

March 10, 2012

Um, yea well – do I really need to say anything about this?

Besides the fact that it staggers the mind to think that a UK jean company in 2012 would actually think it would be “good marketing” to put this in their men’s jeans.

Which then makes my brain ache because it will be – at least in the short term – a good marketing strategy, as I am sure the world-wide attention has everyone running out to buy them because it will be seen as “humorous” for some to do so;  and/or “ironic” and “postmodern” for others.

Whatever the reason it will do what it set out to do: sell jeans (while slyly distracting the consumer with a three cent instruction label from realizing what they are actually doing: spending money).

Whoever thought of the idea will probably win an advertisers award of some sort. Although, the jean company will have to “publicly” vilify the person for his (could it be a “her”?) audacity and disrespect of women.

“Yes, we regret this insult to women”. (Ka-ching!)

“Of course we apologize for suggesting that only women do laundry.” (Ka-ching!)

“In fact, we will donate $50,000 to local women’s abuse centres.” (Ka-ching! Ka-ching!)

P.S. if you haven’t yet seen the movie “Thank You for Smoking” you absolutely need to do so. It really is a brilliant and funny look at advertising…Jason Reitman is a genius…

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