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Anderson Cooper, gambling, and spanking…3 rants…

February 6, 2012

#1:   Who gave Anderson Cooper his own talk show?

And why would a white-man – Anderson Cooper is so white! – want to be just like Oprah?

And what’s with the red cardigan? He couldn’t look any more ridiculous if he were Fred Ward, and I had just tuned into Leave it to Beaver.  

For someone who wants to be taken as a serious journalist, after watching just one episode, I think Anderson might actually be dumber than Ben Mulroney.

And that, my friend, is no easy feat.

Anderson Cooper is a shining example of how ambition continually trumps intelligence on network TV.   

 #2:    The Ontario government has decided to turn Ontario into Las Vegas and will make gambling virtually ubiquitous in our society. Soon I’ll be able to gamble right on my cell phone. Soon I’ll be able to gamble on college sports, boxing, hockey games – all of it – right from my home internet connection. Or grab a quick slot machine at the airport.

Today’s announcement reminded me of when my mom went ballistic when it was announced that the LCBO would start accepting credit cards. 

But the government grossed $6 billion on gambling last year. And everyone is screaming for further cuts to our tax rates.

The on-line gambling scene is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Since the recession gambling has exploded. The government wants to get in on that action.

So the money has to come from somewhere…who better than the addicted, the hustlers, and the man with a fist-full of lottery tickets?

 #3:    A twenty-year study came out today looking at the long-term toxic effects of spanking. Kids who were regularly spanked (to no one’s surprise) had lower self-esteem, got into trouble more often than their peers, at school and with the law, drank more, did more drugs, had riskier sex, and generally fucked up more than young adults who had not been spanked.

And so we have tonight the rather simplistic call to ban spanking.

Yes, spanking is stupid. But spanking is only the end product of a long process of a multitude of parenting events that broke down. Spanking is both a symptom and a cause.

If you are going to call for an end to spanking you need to accompany that ban with some attempt to offer parenting support to those who will get overwhelmed and resort to corporeal punishment.

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