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Holy fu@*! China is big!

January 10, 2012

The Rolls Royce automobile company announced today that they sold more cars in China in 2011, than they had sold cars in the previous 107 years of their existence.

Not bad considering a base-line Rolls Phantom sets you back about $325,000.

I read recently that 90% of all the vibrators sold in the world are now sold in China. That every second cell phone purchased in the world right now is purchased in China. That a million new fridges are turned on every month.

Over the next couple of decades China is going to take the American-made capitalist model to some steroid-induced never-before-seen hyper-space of wealth production and resource consumption.

The sheer size of the country’s awakening urges – both as consumer and as an international political player – will change the course of international relations for at least  a century.

And the country is only getting started. The average annual income is still only $3,000. (But which has tripled in value in less than a decade.) But because of its 1.3 billion population it has already become the second largest consumer of resources in the world. 1,900 new cars hit the streets every day of the year in the new China.

In another ten years China will be three times richer than it is today. Imagine the politics of the world then!

The sheer staggering numbers of people who will play in the game of capitalism in China defies imagination.

As the American economy exploded in the early 1900’s, so too now in China, a century later. The country lies poised with pure capital potential. It’s the California gold rush.

70 new millionaires a day. Almost 500 a week.

Luxury companies’ stock values will explode over the next decade as the Chinese nouveau-riche flock to Rolls Royce cars, personal yachts, Versace shoes, and diamond earrings.

(If you take even one second to think about how all of this will impact on the environment you might be forgiven for looking around for a piece of rope to string yourself up with. Assuming you can still find a tree!)

The world’s already getting too hot. We are sitting here watching October temperatures butt their noses into January. Sure, we secretly love that winter has been somewhat tamed. That the days are not too uncomfortable. That I can still ride around town on my bike. But I’m freaked out by the fact that some lilac bushes have started to bud in the GTA, and that I saw a flower in full bloom in my neighbour’s front yard garden last week.

This is Canada! It’s January! It’s suppose to be winter. Real winter. Snow. Cold. We are suppose to have 70cm of snow by now. The nights should be dropping down into the mid teens. The snow should be crunching under my feet as I walk to my friend’s house.

In another twenty years I doubt that it will snow much at all in Toronto. The idea of a “white Christmas” will fall into folklore. It will be a nostalgia, only seen only in old movies and on Christmas cards…


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  1. David D. Lawson permalink
    January 20, 2012 5:30 pm

    Thank you for writing such a cool piece! I’m not really a newshound – tend not to read News since most of it is either horrible, or depressing. I really appreciate your insightful commentary.

    Re. China: one of the worst aspects of the place is their poor human rights record; however, perhaps, once the bourgeoisie and biz elites get organized and begin to focus on political oppression as they inevitably will, then state sponsored repression of the populace will decline? Perhaps other social problems that are caused by political control being concentrated in too few hands will improve. Therefore, maybe the changes in wealth and consumption will result in a more stable world order?

    Or, am I naive?

  2. David D. Lawson permalink
    January 20, 2012 5:33 pm

    P. S.

    Thank you, Sherwood, for making the last very two traumatic days bearable. Losing all those books was horrendous!

    • S.J. Hinze permalink*
      January 21, 2012 12:15 pm

      Yea, I can only imagine what it felt like to lose a life-time of books. I will be going through the same process this summer when we move…

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