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And we’re off to a flying start!

January 6, 2012

Francis Bacon's Head VI

So, the number one (so-called) radio news station in Toronto (680Am) opens the 10:00 o’clock news tonight by revealing that with the new property tax increase, TTC fare increase, 9% water bill increase, and new Parks and Rec user fees being introduced, will all combine to be the equivalent of a 25-30% tax increase for 2012.

And then after the usual crime and business news the newscast closed with Dalton Mcguinty potentially going-back on a promise to reduce corporate taxes from the current 11.5% to 10% in 2012. Much to the chagrin of the Conservatives.

And no one takes the time to connect the two stories.

In the 1960’s corporate taxes accounted for 35% of the total tax base. Today, its less than 10%. And dropping year-to-year.

And on the number national news (CTV) at 11, Lisa LaFlamme cheered along to the story for the new military action figures just released in Canada honouring our Navy, Army, and Air Force. What a proud moment for all of us.

And, this was followed by the weatherman – that manically insane Tom Brown – telling us that it will be a wonderful +7C tomorrow. In January! In Toronto! We had one day of actual winter last week and the weathermen were all screaming and crying like little girls. As if we had all forgotten what -20 felt like.

And that cowardly weasel Barack Obama signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act, which, if you missed it, will give the US military carte blanc power to arrest, and detain anyone indefinitely if they are deemed to be a terrorist. They can be held without charge, and without rights, for as long as the military wishes.

He signed the bill into law on New Year’s Eve – while the rest of us were out with family and friends. Signed it while the media covered the fireworks in Rio, or the dropping of the crystal ball in New York’s Time Square.

Who knew the Great Black Hope would turn out to be a fascist disguised as a Democrat?

So the year if off to a blazing start! The economy is in the tank. Corporate taxes are being cut. The media is increasingly glorifying the military. The temperatures continue to climb. And the president of the largest military power in the world is an ass-wipe.

Happy New Year…let the circus continue.

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