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Kim Jong IL – not dead – alive and well in America!

December 19, 2011

Well, optimism fades today, as Obama announces that he will not veto the National Defense Authorization Act, which will give the US military the power to detain to arrest and detain anyone anywhere in the world and imprison without charge for as long as they like – as long as they point their finger at you and declare you a terrorist. And for “national security reasons” they do not have to present any proof of said declaration: you just have to trust that they are telling you the truth.

Will the people finally wake up and realize that Obama is Machiavelli’s Prince?

Presenting to the world as a Harvard-Educated and caring family man – whose actions totally contradict the image: furthering the use of torture, giving billions to Wall Street, undermining environmental initiatives, supporting fascists states, and declaring American military personnel off-limits to prosecution by other nations – no matter what the infraction.

He is easily the most right-wing Democratic president of the last century.

And I hate that he can hide behind the Tea Party ruse – those extremists who would make Saddam Hussein look like a moderate by comparison.

I was talking to a colleague at work today about the Obama announcement and he said “hey, it could be worse. The Tea Party could be in charge.”

Obama just gave the US military carte-blanche power to arrest anyone anywhere in the entire fucking world – to imprison them without charge and to hold them for as long as they like – and he says it could be worse?

Hey! The Tea Party is a corporate fucking sponsored ruse.

No one takes them seriously – not even the Republicans – but they make the slick fascists in power seem moderate by comparison.

Newt fucking Gingrich is seen as a moderate.

Obama is still our nice black hope for a utopian future.

All the while he sells us down the drain to fascism.

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  1. December 20, 2011 1:03 pm

    They are clever aren’t they?

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