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United Nation Climate Change Conference…

December 10, 2011

Can anyone tell me why the mainstream media here in Canada has decided to give the Climate Change Conference that is now wrapping up in South Africa so little coverage this week?

As if it didn’t happen.

Why do they not want to talk about the fact that Canada, the United States, China, and India have decidedly come out against the idea of developing any goals or agreements on dealing with climate change?

Why do they not want to talk about the fact that the 47 most environmentally vulnerable nations in the world have banded together and at the conference begged the industrialized world to do something before their countries disappear into the sea, or turn in to deserts?

Why did they not cover the huge protests happening outside the conference buildings?

Why does no one want to talk about what a hard-line asshole Barack Obama is when it comes to moving on climate change? (There will be more about the facade that is Barack Obama in an upcoming blog.)

Ten years ago scientists were saying that climate change models were suggesting that the planet’s temperature was going to increase by 1C this century and that this would have catastrophic implications for the world ecosystem.

Now they are projecting the planet’s temperature will actually increase between 6-9C by 2100 and that mass extinction will soon follow. (Like a tsunami that draws all the water out before bringing it all back in, we are already in the beginnings of a mass extinction – we are currently losing a species of life every twenty minutes or so…we aren’t yet really noticing this because there are millions of species of life on the planet.)

Maybe its too gloomy for the media to talk about. Doesn’t sell newspapers. People will simply change channels on the TV (if they are even watching the news to start with).

Ariel thinks the entire world is going to act in 2012 like everyday is a full moon.

That with the continued exposure of massive economic and political corruption occurring as it is, with reactionary-conservatism popping up everywhere, and as our understanding of our impending environmental collapse becomes more pronounced; as we collectively get older as a global society and ever-closer to death – she believes that collectively, the human race has not evolved far-enough to handle this information and will simply go mad, and soon we will all again be eating grass (as they did after the collapse of the Roman Empire).

Fun thoughts.

Or, we can actually start taking responsibility for our little actions: how often we get on a plane (for yet another fucking holiday in Mexico), how hot we keep our homes, how much AC we use in the summer, start growing some of our own food, bake our own bread, think about how we organize our communities, etc.

Yes, we are fat and lazy and depressed and over-medicated. Yes, it will be hard work changing the last two hundred years of self-indulgence. But it has to be done.

The other option is eating grass…

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