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This morning at the cafe at Shaw and Yarmouth…

November 23, 2011

she wore grey stockings and a grey pullover – black shapeless skirt – black nondescript cotton sweater with little black buttons all in a line. she has that functional bob haircut many middle-class women get once they become mothers.

Her crisply cut black hair floats an inch or so above her thick grey scarf.

I have seen her here before.

Over my Americano I watch her and the other mothers from the neighbourhood who come to the café with their four and five-year-olds to do morning math drills, gossip with each other, and get their daily jolt of java.

Their little girls also all have little bobs; are well-mannered, and try to look eager to perform and get approval. acting almost desperate for a little of mommy’s attention.

 who is talking to some other mother about her need to get some red mittens, in order to set-off all the black and grey.

 I watch as the other woman smiles in agreement – while she looks absently out the front window.

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