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The Harvard Priesthood…

November 21, 2011

First, the financial and political elites of Wall Street and Washington suck dry the marrow from the American economy. After thirty years of successfully lobbying Washington to de-regulate the economy they got their way and billions and billions disappeared into their pockets. All of the economic regulations that had been put into place after the Great Depression – in order to prevent another financial catastrophe from happening – were thrown out the door. The rest, they say, is history.

And now Greece and Italy have been brought to their knees. Their democracies struck down. The elected leaders replaced by EU and IMF approved technocrats. (And Ireland and France won’t be far behind.)

Record profits for financial markets and trillions in debt for nations. Think there might be a connection?

But do you ever notice where these so-called financial and political elites come from? Where did they get their post-secondary education?

They are overwhelmingly educated at Harvard; which is still considered the single most important university in the western world.

Some examples: Barack Obama and George Bush graduated from Harvard. As did the current president of Mexico. And the president of Chile. The current  CEO’s of General Electric and Boeing (two of the largest arms manufacturers in America). The CEO’s of Pfizer and Merck – two of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Merrill Lynch. Enron. Chase Manhattan Bank. Harvard boys all.

Do you get the picture? Do you see that it is an “old boys club”? Do you see why they look after each other?

I’m sure I’m not the first to think that these Harvard men are the same types of men who once made up the glory days of the Catholic Priesthood (back before the Reformation took away most of their powers). The priests and the church leaders – who effectively had the same financial and political power as our political and financial elites of today – were so corrupt they too were bringing down the economies of large parts of Europe.

It’s the same type of Oxford and Cambridge man who brought down the British Empire.

The same type of Tsing Hua man who will one day bring down the Chinese economy.

They are the men who are driven by the desires of gluttony and power. An archetype which is older than the bible.

They are the masters at manipulating our deeply entrenched social desire to be led by those who are wiser than us. Manipulating our desire for security. Playing on our deeply entrenched fears of the barbarians, and wondering hordes of Neanderthal savages. Manipulating our wish for a prophet, who can show us the way out of the desert.

They are shamans of evil.

When are we going to start asking what it is exactly that they teach at the Harvard Business School? And when are we going to stop listening to their priestly lies?

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