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more US militarism…less freedom of the press

November 17, 2011

So, Obama makes a super-hawk speech yesterday in Australia where he announces that the US will be developing a permanent military base in northern Australia, and that he “was giving notice” to the “Asia-Pacific Region” that America was “there to stay” and they “better get used to that idea”.

This on the same evening the Seattle police pulled out their new super-power pepper spray guns and used them on the Occupy Seattle protesters. These canisters can pepper-spray entire crowds all at once. (see video link from last night).  Seattle’s mayor has this morning apologized for the spraying.

And today, the New York Police have announced that they have banned the press from covering today’s Occupy Wall Street march on Wall Street, a march which will mark the beginning of the third month of the Occupy movement.

The police have already shut down all of the streets surrounding Wall Street and will not allow the march to go down Wall Street – nevertheless, the press have been banned from covering the march.

I have no idea how they expect to enforce the press ban – or that it matters when everyone has cell phone cameras. From what I can see the mainstream press rarely covers the protest anyway, and most of the footage comes from individual sources on the internet. But I am interested in knowing which media agencies will agree to “obey” the ban.

I will like to see how the New York Times squirms their way into agreeing with the press ban and how they will spin it in their editorials. Up until now, the Times have adamantly opposed to the Occupy Movement, and disparages it at every chance they get.

It will be interesting to see which media organizations,  in fact, will even note this restriction on the freedom of the press announced today…

Links to Obama’s Australian speech:

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  1. November 18, 2011 12:41 am

    In answer to your implied question: “It will be interesting to see which media organizations, in fact, will even note this restriction on the freedom of the press announced today…”

    The much vaunted freedom of the press is understood by the American press to mean they are free to ignore any and all news that is unduly prejudicial to the entities that own, control, or advertise within it.

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