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October 31, 2011

Posted last week…

Earlier this week the media was all over the fact that it had been agreed at the Commonwealth meetings being held in Australia this year, to pass a proposal to change the archaic succession rules for the monarchy in Britain. Girls will no longer be overlooked to be Queens. Boys no longer have the right of first privilege of power.

The Prime Minister Of England then stood up very seriously proclaimed that there were now new succession rules to be declared throughout the land.  Hip-hip-hor-ray!

Joly good show boys! It’s nice to see that Queen Elizabeth has been good for something afterall. She’ll be remebered as the queen “who changed the succession rules”.

But here’s the rub!

India didn’t even bother to attend the Commonwealth meetings. They said they were too busy focussing on next week’s G20 meetings to care about what the new succession rights were going to be in the small-tiny-land of their former colonizers. (A bit uppity of them, don’t you think?)

And, as I started to learn this week,  it is apparent that the so-called Greek Bailout victory scheme just announced this week on Wall Street is contingent on Europe being able to coxe $100 billion euros out of China – a wish that China has not yet answered one way or another. China, you see, is being coy about what they’ll do regarding a Greek bailout proposal, and said they would make their decision only after the G20 meetings being held next week.

Until then, the western banks can only put on their best happy faces, and when addressing the media, try not appear to be squirming.

If you still don’t think the balance of power has shifted – all you have to do is look at the implications of next week’s G20’s. China and India come in with all the power. They are the nouveau riche. They have all the Monopoly money. And their mountain of money grows by the day. Growing like that ancient volcano in Peru; coming back to life.

They have the power to decide whether Zeus will fall.

And they know that their decision has the power to take down the European Union as well.

America, currently obsessed with Islam, is moving more and more of her troops into the Middle East (under the guise of pulling them out of Iraq). She will further be knocked to her knees should China not bailout Greece.

And our elites, in deciding not to deal with the problem in any real or learned way, appear in fact to be getting stupider the closer they come to the formal handing-over of power back to the east where it has traditionally resided. They act as if they are in a Monty Python farce about greed and gluttony and they have already sold their souls to the devil.

Only it’s not farce. And they’re not acting.

Most of the rest of us will prefer next week to sit in front of the TV and watch the hockey game, or a crime procedural with our girlfriends,                                                                                                                                                                                                        and Facebook, rather than pay attention to the significance of these particular G20 meetings in Cannes.

Cannes. The French Riviera is the perfect place for the passing of History. How many times has the hands of power been negotiated along the edges of the Mediterranean? From Ancient Egypt to Greece to Rome to Spain and to France. To the Syrians and a thousand little kingdoms in between. Where East has always met West.

And so, the question is this: should Greece, a country whose elite acted like children, who maxed out their Gold Card, only to scam and max out another, and another; who took great drafts of money from European bankers who were in on the scam, be bailed out? Should it be saved? And what exactly, would you be saving?

Honestly, how do you defend them? How does the West even justify to the Chinese how we let ourselves get into this mess in the first place?

How do we tell them that we were too busy stuffing our faces, and spending our money, to notice?

The new international/economic/political game-of-power isn’t “going to be between China and India”, it already is between India and China. (Brazil is trying on the dress which once belonged to Saudi Arabia. …I’m thinking of throwing my Lot in with her corner. Have you seen their beaches?!! My God! I figure if you’re going to go down, you may as well go guns-ablazing…).

China is the new game in town. And India is right behind them.

So what to do about Greece? The home of Homer. Socrates. And Plato.

Where our Gods once lived on Mount Olympus. Where our earliest discoveries in Human Rights and Democracy took place.

Do we sacrifice the Icon of Western Civilization?

And would that be all we would be sacrificing?

Who can tell the ramifications of selling out on two thousand years of History?

How will we explain it to our children?

…So, what do we do about Greece?…

That is the question.

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