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Rob Ford and Pride Week

June 30, 2011

Okay, all you liberals out there.

Did you think just because the banks, CTV, and other major corporations are now major funders of Pride Week, and now that we have marriage equality across the land that the fight against discrimination was over?

If you haven’t noticed, we now have a municipal, and federal government that are Conservative. They are conservative because Ontario voters voted for them. And all polls indicate that we will also have a Conservative provincial government after the October provincial election.

The province is moving ever-deeper into a conservative counter-revolution.

No one should be shocked that Rob Ford will not attend Pride. Why would he? He is openly opposed to gay rights. He hates liberal principles. He is a reactionary social conservative.

But then again, increasingly so is the province. Ford is a populist. Hudak is a populist.

The fight is not over. It’s just getting warmed up for the next round.

Get out and celebrate the victories that have been achieved over the past decade. But don’t be delusional to think they are carved in stone and can’t be taken away.

They can be gone tomorrow.

There is a reason again to party.

There is a reason again to declare the fundamental principles of human rights and equality for all.

Party and rejuvenate. The fight is coming. Again. Don’t think it isn’t.

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