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No Pride for Rob Ford…

June 23, 2011

Well, here’s a big surprise. Rob Ford said he will not be attending the Pride Parade. He’s made plans to go to the cottage instead.

I doubt, however, that there was anyone who actually thought that he would attend.

The question next is whether he will find time for Carabana.

They are only the two biggest summer events in Toronto (and two of the largest events in all of North America); which bring in hundreds of millions of dollars to the city and garner large international attention.

But it’s gay people, and black folk. Why should the Mayor of Toronto be involved in such things?

Oh, I’m sorry…Rob Ford is not the mayor of Toronto. He’s the mayor of Mike Harris’s amalgamated  Toronto/Scarborough/York/North York/Etobicoke.

The old downtown Toronto is just a bunch of lefty-liberals who believe in human rights, equal rights, multiculturalism, helping the poor, parks and rec, arts and culture. All that lefty-bullshit stuff that makes our downtown neighbourhoods some of the most functional, beautiful, and safest in all of North America.

But we didn’t vote for Rob. So we can all kiss his ass.

It’s a sad statement on how we sell Toronto to the world that he won’t attend, but really, do we actually want him there?

 He’d be like some bitchy provincial in-law you had to invite to the party who would just be moody and cranky and ruin the moment for everyone. (Hey, we’ve all been to summer weddings. You know who I’m talking about!)

So you go have fun at the cottage Rob. We’ll miss you…and your tighty whities…

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  1. Julia Caron permalink
    June 23, 2011 12:13 pm

    Wow Mr. Ford is a great guy isn’t he. Actually I wondered how he was going to get out of going in the parade…… 30 years of going to the same cottage with the fam what a family guy. I actually thought he would just call in sick the day of the parade. LOL

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