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“Democracy Now” – best radio news broadcast

June 21, 2011

For those of you hungering for a real examination of relevant contemporary events, looking for a deeper discussion of fundamental social issues, or just generally annoyed with mainstream news coverage, you should check out “Democracy Now”.

You can check it out at or listen in the old-fashioned way on the radio Mon-Thurs mornings (10am – with re-broadcasts at other times as well) on the University of Toronto’s radio station (CIUT 89.5).

Listen once and you will realize that the mainstream news media doesn’t tell you shit about the big issues of the day.

The show can be a bit overwhelming at times when you get the facts that are otherwise rarely discussed (i.e. yesterday’s show looked at the fact that from an American constitutional point of view Obama has been a much more dangerous president than Bush), it will sometimes make you angry, discouraged, and/or sad.

But it will always challenge you to think.

In a post-modern, reactionary, ironic, tuned out North American-centred world that is our culture, one needs to be challenged on occasion.

Check it out. I highly recommend it.

Democracy Now

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