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Time to deal with prostitution laws

June 13, 2011

Oh, the angst!

To legalize prostitution, or not.

To pull our collective heads out of the sand, or not.

Even social liberals will wring their hands this week as the Ontario Court of Appeals deals with the decision on whether to dismiss the current prostitution laws, or not.

I’m sure many social conservatives will have a seizure if they do. Some things just need to stay under the rug. Or in the back alley. 

But it really is time to deal with this. Prostitution is a huge multi-billion dollar business that leaves women dangerously vulnerable, unprotected, at the hands of unscrupulous pimps, and organized crime.

The loss of tax revenues, the dangers to public health, and creating safer work places could all be easily addressed with legislation that would bring the trade in Canada into the 21st century.

I doubt the courts have the guts – or the foresight – to force the government to bring prostitution into the light. (Hey, Steven, got a plan if they do?)

All of us here at Sisyphus are following this potentially history-changing decision closely, and will be filing reports as the process moves forward. 

Stay tuned…

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