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It sucks to be Bob Rae

June 7, 2011

Oh, Bob Rae!

To have come so far.

To have achieved so much!

A law degree from the University of Toronto.

A Rhodes Scholar.

The first NDP Premier of Ontario.

A published author.

Now the leader of the Federal Liberal Party! Canada’s Party. The Party of Trudeau, Pearson, King. Hall of Famers all. (Yes Joan, even Trudeau.)

Such heights of iconic glory.

All his life, Bob’s  just been so keen to achieve. He has finally got what he worked so hard for.

Okay, so what if he’s only the interim leader of the – as of the last election – instantly-irrelevant third-place party. And so what if he won’t ever be elected the future leader of the Party.  There is still might be a place for Bob in History. 

Bob will either go down as the man who resurrects Canada’s once great political party, or, he will be the final sad captain of the sinking ship. (And if that happens, he will only be remembered as nothing more than the ex-NDP’r who jumped ship to join the Liberals, only to see Jack Layton and the NDP Party become the Official Opposition. History is harsh that way, Bob.) If the ship sinks, he’ll be a footnote, an asswipe; someone who went on to spend his time writing self-righteous, post-colonial, how-we-can-save-the-world clap-trap books for hipsters.

Chomsky lite!

Sadly, much of Bob’s destiny is out of his hands. If Jack pulls off this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the NDP’s, the Liberals will be truly irrelevant – and the party may very well melt into the NDP Party. (Assuming that Jack actually promotes a realistic left-of-centre ideology and thoughtful political strategy that resonates with the voters and doesn’t himself dissolve into political buffoonery. (Posted Odds of either option happening, as of June, 2011 – are 50/50. It could go either way with Jack.))  

So, as you can see, it kind of sucks to be Bob Rae these days.

No one on the hill is going to take him seriously. Not the other parties. Not the media (not even the “liberal media”).  …For quite a while to come. If ever!

And he is the interim leader of a political party that very well could have a malignant tumor.

The Party appartek who has sucked the life out of the party by bringing in Martin, Dion, and Ignatieff (nice guys all – shmucks as political leaders) is aged, out-of-touch, and self-involved; they act as if they were some British Empire outpost colonial overseers – stationed in the West Indies or East India. As if it were the early 1930’s and the economy is in the shitter, and the week-old papers say that some guy named Hitler has been elected leader in Germany. Nothing to worry about old chaps. The Empire has always been, and will always be. Carry on with the elephant hunt and cricket matches. Someone bring me some tea.

The Party Cronies have no idea how irrelevant the party has become. They have no idea their role in its demise. They have been the real-life characters in a Ayn Rand fantasy. 

So Bob’s got two choices – as I see them. 1) Radical surgery, and the fire and brimstone that will come with it, and no guarantee it will ultimately matter (does the country really want/need two slightly left-of-centre political parties?); or 2) take the Liberal Party across the floor and hand it to Jack.

Like I said before, it really sucks to be Bob Rae. Despite all of his achievements.

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  1. Joan Tintor permalink
    June 7, 2011 7:10 pm

    Bob Rae is a brilliant man and the greatest gift to democracy since the secret ballot.

    If you don’t believe it, just ask him.

  2. June 7, 2011 9:22 pm

    Hey Sherwood,

    Pretty much hits the nail on the head – but is it of a coffin?

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