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Why I love Tim Hudak…

May 27, 2011

 The magic of the conservative movement is that they finally know how to talk to “my gut feelings”.

Political analysts call this ‘populism’ – but we really know what it is: good ole common sense. (An older generation would call it a reverence for traditional values.)

When Tim Hudak announced yesterday, that if he is elected Premier in October, he will bring back the chain gang, and will be getting rid of the “easy life” inmates are currently living – he speaks to my sense of decorum and justice.

Too many of these characters are living life way too soft; off the graces (taxes) of the rest of us.

Let’s get them out there cleaning up our highways and parks.

Get them off their lazy asses! Build some character.

And while we are at it – let’s demand longer prison sentences.

Let’s privatize garbage collection.

(Better yet, why not have inmates collect it? For free!)

And get rid of those obnoxious bike lanes!

And stop us having to pay for plastic bags. (What a rip-off that is!)

If developers want to build luxury homes on the Oak Ridge’s Moraine why should locally-elected municipal governments be allowed to stop them?

That kind of local democracy is just bullshit!

Thank God Mike Harris gave us the (non-elected) OMB to over-rule such acts of local nonsense.

It’s the same nonsense in Simcoe County and the local resistance to allowing a huge bottled-water factory to move in and suck the local aquifer dry. The water is just sitting there – underground – doing nothing anyway. Why not at least sell it?

Or when Guelph tried to stop a Wal-Mart from going in beside a 200-year-old seminary.

Thank God the OMB over-turned my old hometown municipality’s decision to stop cottage construction on the last “undeveloped” lake in the region. The lake was just sitting there – doing nothing: all summer long!

Since when should citizens be allowed to prevent job production and decrease our GNP? To say nothing of improving the tax base. That’s not what democracy is about.

The Conservatives understand this. They speak to me. They make sense.

Who cares if the Dutch rehabilitate their criminals through counseling, real job training (allowing prisoners to earn actual trade certifications), and post-prison support? Who cares if their recidivism rates are 1/100th what ours are? We’re not here to fix prisoners. I don’t care that 80% of them are high-school drop-outs, with Grade Three reading levels, and various forms of mental health issues and childhood abuse stories? People need to be punished!

And we all know that unionized workers are just plain lazy. Especially garbage collectors. They don’t deserve $30/hr to pick up my garbage. It’s just garbage for fuck’s sake!

In this economy, I could have 1,000 guys line up tomorrow to do it for $12. (And 1,000 guys the day after that who’d do it for $11.)

Why would we build a city for cars, and then turn around and not allow as many cars as possible on the streets? That’s ridiculous! Bike lanes are for gay people and whiney girls.

I don’t care that plastic bag use has dropped 70% since the 5 cent fee was implemented. What about all those jobs lost from the people who make the plastic bags? Again, what a rip-off!

Tim Hudak gets it. He has a Texas-sized plan to get this province back on its feet.

It will compliment well Rob Ford’s tea-party plan to make Toronto the best city not called Vancouver, Montreal, or Calgary.

And Stephen Harper? Well, he may end up being the most intelligent of the three.

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