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Vote Like You’ve Never Voted Before!

May 2, 2011

Hail! Hail! Democracy reigns!

The flags of freedom are waving strong on this fair Monday-in-May morn!

Today dear friends, is the day we have all been waiting for!

(Or was it the day nobody wanted?)

Today, of course, is Election Day in Canada!

Are the winds of change – as Jack Layton suggested – blowing?

Are we in for a big surprise? Or just more of the same?

Whatever happens, the best way to ensure that you do not wake up disappointed and unrepresented tomorrow is to get out there today and VOTE!

I strongly encourage all of our readers to go to  and look up your riding on their poll breakdown. Just type your postal code into the box in the top right corner of their site, and it will show you just how close the race is in the riding you live in. In this election the difference of even 200 votes could be crucial to the outcome. So if you live in a battleground riding, it is that much more important that you take the time to cast your ballot!

Most polling stations will be open until 9:30pm tonight – so “I had to work” is no excuse!

Just think of it as a really urgent trip to the bank… You’ve stood in line for 20 minutes there. And today we are all making a significant investment in our future.

Many among us have mentioned that the recent democratic uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East are a call to action, not just for the oppressed people there, but also to those of us lucky enough to live in democratic nations like Canada. We must not take our democratic privilege for granted, lest it erode and crumble beneath us. (And we have already heard warnings that this process has begun in our own backyard).

I am heartened by the news that this year’s advanced polls yielded 1/3 more voters than in our last election. And if those numbers indicate the trend we will likely see across the country today, then there may be hope for us, and for Canadian democracy yet!

Now get out there and “vote like an egyptian” (but without the threat of violent military intervention…I hope).

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  1. May 3, 2011 10:35 pm

    Well we now have the first ever Android prime minister with a majority. He now has a number of years to bring us disasters as he tries to be Bush North. And no doubt we, like our southern neighbours will then vote him in again. On the other hand the liberals have gone down in well deserved flames and the NDP have gained credibility finally! The problem will be that with this new credibility will come money and persuasive voices that never bothered with them before. So can they hang on to their ethics long enough to have another chance at taking the helm or will they turn into the liberals just in time to gain power? Also interesting will be how the “re-federalization” of Quebec will turn out. Canada could use some of Quebec’s joie de vivre and progressive energy but will they be punished by the Harperites and then forced back into a separatist mode? Interesting times ahead…. hopefully. It will also be interesting if Stephen continues to use two arms as he speaks, or, having served their purpose in making him so attractive to voters, he will retire them from service as so much unnecessary artistic crap!

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