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So, do we bail on the Liberals?

April 28, 2011

Holy Jack Layton! has surged in the polls and as of today has cut the conservative lead to 6 points.

Of course, Canadians are notorious for feeling NDP, but voting red. (We are, afterall, a practical people.) But let us dare to dream people. What a time to live in Riverdale. In the land where our MP would be king!

It’s pretty apparent that the Liberals are dead in the water – after their first day announcement to help university/college students – they have shown us no idea what they would do in power that could actually differentiate them from the Conservatives. Do they actually have a position on anything?

For the past two weeks Iggy has been doing nothing more than saying “don’t vote for the other guys”. What a party position! What a vision!

At least Jack has been willing to use words like “economy”, “debt”, “environment”, “poverty”.  And he says them in public too.

When’s the last time we heard Iggy use any of them?

So, it’s rallying time lefties. Bay Street and Corporate Canada are rattling their sabers at the NDP (“the economy will collapse under the NDPs – be afraid, be very afraid”) . The Globe and Mail endorsed Harper (“He’s pragmatic”. – what an endorsement!)

Imagine! The NDP as the official opposition in another minority Harper government. Holy Jack Layton!!

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  1. LouLou permalink
    April 28, 2011 10:10 pm

    HA………Careful what one wishes for

  2. April 29, 2011 12:15 am

    Bravo Sherwood, Bravo Jack. Jack has been around a long time now and has proven his stout-hearted worth to Canadians over the long haul and it looks like his good deeds may be finally catching up with him especially when seen against Iggy who opens his mouth but nothing comes out, and Stephen Harper – who – lets give him credit – has finally learned how to use both his arms when he speaks – albeit in wholly repetitive gestures that are robotically symmetrical. Nonetheless with Harper’s new physical repertoire plus his tyless unbuttoned shirt he can almost pass for an android.

  3. Rick Wallace permalink
    April 29, 2011 9:05 am

    Yes, the LIberal are as empty as a halloween pumpkin. The NDP under Layton have shrewdly managed to capture the centre and centre-left vote. Yeah, it would appear they are in for a historical electoral breakthrough thanks to the paucity of Harper and Ignatieff lack of vision. So, what can we expect under an NDP government/coalition? ON the plus side, a more ‘progressive’ stance on health, education and the environment. On the negative side, we could get a government that had all the integrity of former Ontario NDP leader Bob Rae. We could get a government that really isn’t prepared to enact changes to military spending. We could get a government that promised real electoral reform in terms of proportional representation. Or, we could just get a more transparent government than the Tories or Liberal have managed over the past however many decades. Personally, I would welcome a NDP coalition and my expectations would be guarded. I say this because the nature of our mainstream political discourse is surprisingly immature and vacuous. I haven’t heard a vision of real change but then I wonder if the Canadian electorate would buy into something like that given that the Tories and Liberal combined vote is almost 60%.

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