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Swap Your Vote! Deadline Saturday April 30th @ 6:00pm EST

April 27, 2011

Attention fellow fearful people! The prospect of a Harper majority looms large overhead! And if this gives you the heebie-jeebies as much as it does me, read on…

As you have (I hope) read in the previous article by my comrade Sherwood, a significant problem in this election is the splitting of the left wing vote; primarily between the Liberal, NDP and Green parties.

If you, like I, hope not to see a Harper majority come May 3rd, then we on the left must band together, vote strategically, and make this an ANYONE BUT HARPER election.

And we can do this by increasing the weight of our  individual votes. Register to swap votes with someone in desperate need of your vote in a conservative swing riding at

Want more information on how to turn your limp-wristed lamewod vote into a super-charged steroid-pumped Harper-crushing vote?

This is how it works:

Thanks be to the good people at for bringing this opportunity to our attention.

For more complete information on vote swapping check out

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