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Holy Jack Layton!

April 27, 2011

We go away for a few days and look what happens to Jack! He jumps into second place. Heady times…

Heady times for what you may ask? How about a complete splitting of the left leaning vote (Liberal/NDP/Green) and thus the highway opens wide for a Conservative Majority.

Split the herd, and then devoir the beast.

It will be a free pass for Harper to completely unleash his authoritarian social and economic policies on us.

More corporate tax beaks. More privatized medicine/school/garbage/recreational activities/insert your public program here. Mandatory sentencing. Less choice. Less green. Blahblahblah – you know where this is going.

Why does the left insist on eating itself. Is it because the Liberals have no vision? No ideas? A dull leader? No one capable of doing what Canadians want? After two Conservative minority governments in which Canadians have said they don’t trust Harper – the Liberals have still been unable to take advantage.

They have failed to make any in-roads in Quebec. They are handing the GTA to Harper. And they are non-existent on the prairies.

The Liberal Party will need to clean house in a fundamental way after this election; get rid of all those old party farts who still think they can run the party as if it were their own little feifdom and bring in some bright, new, young blood.

They will have 4 years of Harper Hell wherein to mold themselves, to take stock of the nation, and to emerge as the party they need to be.

But for now – it looks like we are abut to shoot our toes off…

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