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It’s time for NOW magazine to grow up

April 16, 2011

Environmentally speaking – it’s time NOW magazine stopped pretending that urban hipster green consumption is, in fact, GREEN.

It’s time they stopped pretending that self-indulgent consumption patterns masked as ‘green’ purchases are, in fact, GREEN!

Since when are new monster homes, built in the woods for only 2 people (retired), 2 hrs from an urban centre, where everything will have to be transported in by car, with its cherry wood lumber, stone counter tops, and oh-so-modernist furniture – – considered GREEN? So the place uses less energy. It’s still a monster home built in the woods for two old farts who want to get away from the city for their retirement!

But then again, NOW loves to play to the urban fabulousness of downtown Toronto urban hipsters.

A girl needs new spring shoes, so why not some “earth-conscious” Fluevogs ($215); spring flowers would be nice (eco-friendly, all the way from South America); and “locavores” are all the rage in the eating scene ($100-150 per couple will get you a trendy ‘eat local” restaurant experience on Wellington St.)

“Going green” is just the latest fetish of the urban fetish crowd. Along with cycling gear, food, wine, cheese, and condos.

There is no limit on their need to consume, but if they do it ‘green’, they can merrily drive the economy and our consumer society into a wonderful new green tomorrow.

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  1. April 17, 2011 2:40 pm

    Haven’t read the article – but I have that copy of now on my desk at work….I agree with what you’re saying —- just a quick question though – how is cycling gear bad? We all need helmets and those blinker lights for night riding. Cycling is def. Eco-friendly – all it uses is manpower!

    p.s. I may have taken your comment way out of context – again, haven’t read the article ;p

    • Sherwood Hinze permalink*
      April 17, 2011 6:05 pm

      I’m talking about the thousand dollar gear outfits worn by the the people who ride the $5000 bikes on Saturday mornings…see the earlier article on Gearheads

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