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France’s ban on veils begins today…

April 12, 2011

In an incredibly moronic move that will do nothing but give ammo to Muslim radicals, feed Euro-racist and cultural hysteria, and promote religious intolerance, the proclamation banning veils in public began yesterday in France.

I’m not sure on how many levels this idea is stupid. (There are too many to count.) The idea is based on nothing more than reactionary tribal politics – and is one of the worst examples of tyranny by the majority. It is the worst of populist politics – of majority rule disguised as democracy.

Democracy can only work, and will only work, when the democratic principles are infused with a fundamental notion of Human Rights and a respect for the rights of all.

Women who wear veils are not what is wrong with Islam. Their veils have nothing to do with the current state of Western-Islamic relations.

A colonial and post-colonial examination of political power structures, western support for regional dictators, disproportionate distribution of wealth, and unemployment (especially of men under 30 years of age) will do more to expose the problems of Islam in the contemporary world than making women remove their veils in public.

And don’t think we would act any differently about this issue in Canada. When the Muslim population here reaches 5-10% as it has in France, we too will have reactionaries, racists, and conservatives calling for the same stupid types of government intervention.

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