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Incoming! Kate & William: A Royal Wedding-Palooza

March 30, 2011

Okay, if we’re keeping track of signs of the coming apocalypse, the pending nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton has got to be added to the list!

I am so sick of this big top freak-show, and it hasn’t hardly even begun!

The date is set for April, 29, 2011 and for the past four months every major television news broadcaster has been feeding us daily updates on “The Royal Wedding”.

On a daily basis I am reminded by CTV News that I can get all the details about the big day at where a prominent banner on the homepage counts down the minutes to this grand and auspicious event.

Who’s coming to which event? Who’s designing the dress? Who’s cooking the appetizers? Who’s baking the cake? What are they riding in? Where are they honeymooning? What will they be wearing while honeymooning?

Did you know that Kate is wearing Diana’s engagement ring? Did you know that 10,000 canapés are being prepared for just one of the many scheduled events? Did you know that Elizabeth II has graciously opened 19 state rooms in Buckingham Palace for the wedding? Did you know that has 10 people on full-time assignment reporting and commenting on the royal wedding? This is all information that I did not need, nor ever asked for.

In addition to television broadcasts of the event, iTunes has pledged to have coverage of the wedding available for web-streaming within an hour on the big day. Bars will be serving earlier on the wedding day so that on-lookers can drink their pints while soaking in the historical significance of it all – whatever that might be.

Less than thirty years ago there was talk of doing away with the British monarchy all-together, and today by contrast Canadians are still (literally) a-Twitter after the Queen graced us with her presence last summer, and are anxiously looking forward to a proposed Kate & William post-honeymoon tour of our humble Commonwealth tributary.

You would never know, from the look of things now, that wars were ever fought or revolutions enacted in the interest of putting an end to the monarchy. I mean, hey, if you can “Let them eat cake” and have it too, why not? We already have our democracy, our human rights, our socialized healthcare, and labour unions (for now); why not dust off these anachronistic bobble-heads and take them out for a spin every now and again? It makes great television… And wins people Oscars… It keeps the masses distracted… (What was that about bread and circuses, again?)

All the same though, I think it’s high time that we all took a good long look in the mirror, remind ourselves that our time here on earth is precious and short, and we should all make a more conscious effort to GET A LIFE!


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  1. Andrea Knight permalink
    March 30, 2011 10:24 am

    It’s all about distraction….pay no attention to the scary things that are happening behind the curtain….

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