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Eenie-meenie-minie-moe…It’s votin’ time again!

March 27, 2011

My esteemed blog-mate seems to be under the excited delusion that this federal election will change the dynamic of power in Ottawa, and the Conservatives will finally fall from grace.

What a fool! She should not make predictions based on a hope and a prayer.

There is absolutely no evidence at the moment that the Conservatives will lose this election, as the Liberals – and Ignatieff in particular – have not shown any ability to win.

As much as I think Harper is a neo-fascist control freak, and Layton is a barking chihuahua who has never fallen upon a microphone he doesn’t love, Ignafieff is a cardboard cutout who always looks like a deer trapped in the headlights.

We could never understand what Stephon Dion was saying when he spoke English, but at least (for a while) we tried to listen. We never listen to Ignafieff because he never has anything to say. Do you know if the Liberals have actually taken a position on anything?

There are three possible outcomes to this election. One is a nightmare. The other two are only positive in that they are not the nightmare.

First, the nightmare. There is every reason to think that Harper could take his party to a majority on this election. Given the weakness of his opposition, all he needs is to get on a roll and that will be that. They are gaining ground in every suburb and rural region in the nation – and could easily win a large number of seats in the 905, 519, and 705 districts of Ontario. I have heard little said about Ignatief in these regions that is positive. He is invisible.

Given Harper’s massive inferiority complex (I assume from years of being bullied in the schoolyard), his infamous temper, his economic and religious fundamentalism, and his contempt for anyone who questions his reasoning, we would then have four years of belligerent and autocratic rule. We could quite easily see again Christian prayer in schools, some newly invented war with Islam, neo-conservative corporate plundering, privatized everything, and a massive shit pile to clean up afterwards. (See reign of George Bush Jr.)

But, there are also two possible outcomes of this election that could be positive. The first would be that the Conservatives will be prevented from winning a majority. At the moment this is by no means assured.  If people do vote for the Liberals, it will because they don’t want to vote for Harper and not necessarily because they want to vote for Ignatieff. A Conservative minority will be better than a Conservative majority.

The second outcome is that Ignatief will be forced to resign as leader of the Liberals, and maybe, just maybe, the old Liberal leadership will then pull its head out of its musty old ass and elect a leader who is dynamic, visionary, and not a prostitute to the latest five minute opinion poll. Again, there is no evidence to suggest this will happen.

Finally, no one cares what Jack Layton has to say (I’m sorry Jack, we really don’t), and because no one cares he should stop pretending that he can actually win an election and take the NDP back to being the true social conscience of the country and make the other two parties take account of their moral vacuousness.

Thankfully, the Conservatives are currently as inept as the rest of them. They’ve had five years to prove themselves and Canadians (according to latest polls) are still steadfastly unconvinced.  So, if we are lucky, we will spend $300 million to have another two years of mediocre minority rule, the Liberals will subsequently get their act together and we will then vote in a visionary and finally join the 21st century.

Maybe then, my blog-mate will have something to cheer about.

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